Devouring a heart

They told me that,
I don’t really understand the emotions of an another person.
Smiling when I’m supposed to be mum.
Joking when I’m supposed to be listening.
And the list goes on.
But gulping down one heart at a time and looking at the person beside you lying there in agony.
That for sure,
Is something that i enjoy.
Call me a sadist.
Call me a sociopath.
I’ll leave the naming to you.
I wouldn’t make everyone fall under the spectrum of devouring a heart.
I know most of the people who do.
Some just give away their hearts just out of a compulsive norm.
I mean why would you want to give away your precious little heart to someone when it belongs safe with you.
But I wouldn’t blame them for it.
They probably are the good ones.
Unlike me.
But here’s the norm,
Here’s the thing that people want you to do
“Give away your heart to someone who isn’t willing to pay the price for it”
I mean yes,
I appreciate you going around giving your precious little heart to someone you just met.
But to expect the same out of everyone is something i frown upon.
Things like these fall under the “free will”
And i’d like to stay in the area of “Devouring hearts”
Simply Because i love eating little hearts.
If you want one why bother?
Just give 5 bucks to the store and its all yours.
My “little heart” stays with me and yes i can’t share them with you
And yes you don’t deserve their savour.
Because you weren’t willing to pay the price to eat it.

While i paid the price for it at the local store!!


I don’t hate eggs, only the ways its been cooked.

I’ve always been a person who isn’t inclined towards eating eggs.
Vegans, Yes,in the “Non-vegan world” that is something that’s frowned upon.
So stop acting surprised.
I’ve seen people who drool and crave as a plate of boiled eggs pass by them.
But I was never one of them.
I always stayed in the land of the “Men who don’t crave over eggs”.
I’ve always pondered upon the thought on how the people in ” Men who crave for eggs” land can actually crave looking at eggs.
Will I ever have that crave for eggs in my life?
Will I ever love eggs?
Never wasn’t forever until I saw a plate of bread omelets.
So delicately cooked.
So elegantly garnished.
The smell.
The taste.
That’s when I realised.
I don’t hate eggs.
I just hate the predominant ways it has been cooked.
Where am I going with all this “Egg stories” which makes no sense?

Here it is,
I’ve realised that as we grew up we hated a lot of things.
We hated math because of the way it was taught.
We hated schools because of the way they educated us.
We hated love because of someone who expressed it in the wrong way.
We hated friends because they broke our trusts.
We hated God because he didn’t answer our prayers.
What if all these were just like the predominant ways the “eggs were cooked”
The ways which you always hated.
And the ways which led you to your conclusion on the respective matters in life.
There are still ways in which the eggs are cooked in this world that you haven’t eaten and they taste delicious.
There are friends who shower friendship in the right way.
There is love that’s expressed in the right way.
There is education taught in the right way.
And there is a God who still answers prayers.
And when you find the right thing.
It’s going to be excessively delicious.
Excessively elegant and
Excessively amazing, that you’re gonna start loving those “eggs” again.


Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy in a word is a “psychotic” tale,
In every way.
For me,
My first impression of the movie was that it was nothing more than an on screen abuse.
A person who doesn’t give a damn about those around him.
Who makes others calls.
Who can’t get a hold of himself when he looses his mind.
That’s all i got.
And i still go with these statements post the goosebumps part of the couple getting together in the climax.
Arujun Reddy is a maniac !!
Though i admired few of the principles Arjun lived by,
Not everything were admirable.
A guy who knew not to lie was blinded when it came to his anger.
I’m taken aback by the ray of hope he held on to.
Would’ve been a logical plot if the well educated one learned to let go of his anger.
But we live in world where there are a lot of educated maniacs, So I’d not push away the Character sculpting of the director as unrealistic.
The open minded “I don’t give a damn about the society,the people, nor my friends” was intriguing but not practical in the world we live.
If one says he lives by this statement he, at some point would contradict his statement, Intentionally or unintentionally.
The Screen play and the cinematography were vibrant.
Right hooks at the right place  is what i think.
And i’d end the review  with the statement that i quoted earlier,
Arjun Reddy is a mania !!
A maniac who fell in love.
A maniac who had a few good friends,
And a  loyal Dog.

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Variables and Constants

Here’s the thing,
Predominantly,People are variables.
In the constant of life.
There will always be those who are like public static variables who’ll always be accessible from another class.
But there will also be people who are private variables.
Who’ll only be accessible from inside a particular class.
In this case, A particular season of life.
Their scope ends within the class.
You can’t expect those variables to be accessible outside their class.
Per se,
The people you become friends with for a shorter span of time.
Are private variables.
Don’t make the assumption that they are public static variables.
Always remember,
What has been declared is what it is in programming.
If life is to be interpreted as a program.
I tend to believe the one who code has made the right declarations for the program to run.


Fake is what we love.

All our lives we keep going around babbling that being truthful, honest and ethical are few principles that everyone around the globe should strive to adopt. When in reality, it is quite the opposite.
In fact, people hate the truth. People believe in lies.
They trust in lies. They choose to trust in lies and go along with them when the truth is right in front of them.
For example lets take a fat girl named Amy.
Amy knows she’s fat. She sees herself in the mirror every single day. But yet she walks right to her mom and comes up with a question to which she already knows the answer to.
“Do I look fat?”
Amy knows that she’s fat. Amy knows the truth.But Amy yearns for a lie.
And if her mother does say “yes Amy ,you are” that’s the end of it.
So there it goes.
No matter who you are. You want fake.You want lies. Because that’s what makes us believe the unbelievable.



Looking into myself,I found a whole new person.

Long gone, is the person I once knew.

Seeming to last forever,Is the man I’m getting to know.

The person I’ve turned into, I’m not content with.

All I could long for is not a Lamborghini,

Or to become a saint or a yeti.

But the same old person whom I once was,

Who was Witty and loved kitties.

Then all of a sudden it hit me.

Why did I ever grow up?

Why did I ever change?

Why did I ever get hurt?

When the man I want to become is the child who’s been stuck in my past.
~Joshua Samuel


Short story 101

Things went out of control , i couldn’t help it . He went past his limits. Yes , i did know him from his early days. He meant the world to me . but as i mentioned earlier things went out of control. He hit me hard  , i could hardly bare the pain. I slaped him right at his cheeks .maybe it was just a reflex . but i know, that’s not an excuse . i never should have hit him . i spent the night sleepless. I slaped him by ecstasy . the scenario of me hitting him played back and forth in my mind all night. What if he never talked to me again ????. what if we never be the same ?? a series of thoughts like these filled my mind. “Was i being over dramatic ???”, i asked myself . I knew i had to make things right with him . but , i started justifying my act . My ego jumped right into action.
It was the next day , the sun was shinning the birds were chirping it  was a perfect day . As the sun rose , so did my ego . i ran into him . we stared glances in a stern way . he went past me . i didn’t know what to do. I really can’t put it into words, the way he looked at me. I was like him trying to stab me to death with a sword . whatever, if he’s not ready to apologize then why should i ?.
“cut it out , you exasperated jerk”, said eva
“he’s your son, and he’s just six”
“couldn’t you handle him in a matured way , what are you 8 ??? , to give him cold stares and freak him out” said eva.
As he stood right beside her, with tears  grabbing his mom’s  salwar.
“So cool of him to stare at me and now go whine to his mother with his puppy eyes” i thought. All of a sudden i felt more sillier than him . In fact eva was right i still behave as an eight year old.
“Cut it out you jerk” this time it was me quotting these sentence to myself.
I knelt before him and i looked him in the eye and i said
“im sorry jake , i never should have slapped you, will you forgive me ?” .
I was expecting an “i forgive you dad” sentence .
But all he said was  “i love you dad , i love you like hell” he said in his cute childish voice.
We hugged each other , and i kissed the cheeks where i laid my hand. He kissed mine . And now i felt like someone who was ascending in the dad stuff. And our relationship grew stronger day by day with silly fights.